Anti-feminist bingo

February 5, 2010

This is just too fucking brilliant. I comment regularly on a few blogs and come across this kind of shit constantly, even on the ultra-lefty, feminist and anti-racist websites. Sometimes the ignorant comments come from trolls. Sometimes they come from well-meaning-but-clueless types (which includes men and women).

How to be a sexist asshole online

If you find yourself saying something that resembles any of the above comments, then you’re probably being sexist (and it doesn’t matter what your intentions were–what you actually say is all that matters in this game). If you find yourself confronted with a sexist fuckface, you’ll find they will likely use three or more of the above ‘arguments’. Wring a drop of fun out of their ignorance and fuckwittery by filling in the card. Let them know that they’re helping you get closer to winning* with every stupid comment.

* What do you win? A well-earned sense of superiority.

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