January 28, 2010

Dear sub boy:

I’m sorry if I’m not as accommodating, attentive, and available as you’d prefer. I’m sorry that my work comes first in my life these days, not you. I’m sorry that I don’t respond to your e-mails right away, or that I don’t immediately drop what I’m doing to return your phone calls. I’m sorry if our relationship feels unbalanced because I think about my needs ahead of yours. I’m sorry I’m not more sensitive to your needs and desires. I’m sorry if I’m not dominating you exactly how and when you’d like to be dominated. I’m sorry I don’t think about you as often as you think about me. I’m sorry that I’m not ready to be completely emotionally vulnerable with you, even though we’ve known each other for a few months now. I’m sorry that I’m confused about what I want. I’m sorry I don’t know myself as well as you know me. I’m sorry I have emotional baggage because I was involved with men before I met you. I’m sorry I haven’t lived up to your expectations.




2 Responses to “Apology”

  1. Tom Says:

    I’ll tell you, I’ve been in sub boys position (okay, not literally, because I’m a dom, but you know what I mean). It’s really hard to feel like you’re putting in the effort and she doesn’t care. It makes you feel worthless, and not in the way that your sub wants to feel worthless.
    You’ve got to be honest with him, and tell him how you’re feeling. At the very least it will help him realize that it’s not him.

  2. Hm, maybe the sarcasm wasn’t coming through? None of it matters anyway. The guy turned out to be a sneaky little decepticon.

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