The more you know

August 23, 2009

I guess I was naive to think that an oral fixation would guarantee good oral.

Oh well.


7 Responses to “The more you know”

  1. axe Says:

    Sometimes it just means lots of smoking?

  2. Oral fixation = enthusiasm, not necessarily skill.

    I think the biggest mistake men seem to make is feeling that they have to change up whatever they’re doing down there every ten seconds. Like we’re going to be bored unless they do some fancy tricks. I’d like to point out to them that a vibrator does the same thing endlessly and that tends to work for quite a lot of women.

  3. Devotee Says:

    Ha…I’ve always believed in very slow repetition…seems to work for me (an her) every time.

  4. W Says:

    Dear S&L,

    I think most guys don’t like to compare themselves to vibrators, and I’m sure some guys think they should get a gold star just for *having* enthusiasm for taking trips south of the border.

    But I have to say, there have been a few times I’ve asked (in the heat of the moment) for my partner to tell me how to make her happy before I go downtown, and been met with reluctance in talking about the subject. If a woman can’t tell her partner what she likes when getting oral, it’s going to be an uphill struggle for her partner.


  5. Agree that you won’t be satisfied if you can’t articulate your desires. But some women may not know what gets them off. Some may feel shy about being too specific. Some may not want to tell you what to do or feel like they might be hurting your ego if they do. Perhaps checking in before each new move would help, “did you like what I was doing? Want more?” Etc., etc. Of course, YMMV.

  6. Devotee Says:

    No way. Do give him too much credit. He is either selfish or meek or just plain doesn’t like it in the first place. Barring anything on your part, he really should have gotten the job done. The fact is if a man likes it enough, he should know to take his time and explore. That really is the key. He shouldn’t see it as something to check off. There is a vital feedback loop that needs to be established and that seems to come from paying attention more so to what she is doing and not himself. He has to let go of his ego and think more about you.

  7. Selfish, I think. What may give someone with an oral fixation pleasure may not be enough to get another person off.

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