I want to tell you

August 14, 2009

Despite the recent posts, I’m not completely wallowing in bad feelings. It’s more like I go through my day, something reminds me, and then I get this strange, queasy feeling—a combination of regret, longing and wounded ego—which makes me want to just listen to sad old pop music and rehash everything again and again. Not obsessively, but in an almost mechanical way.

I am trying not to dive headlong into this feeling too often. In my experience, sadness kind of feeds on itself. And if you’re predisposed, indulging in these blue periods makes it easier to slide all the way toward depression.

Fortunately, the timing of this shittiness kind of works out well. It’s hard to stay down for too long on a fine summer day with Revolver playing.

The Beatles – “I Want to Tell You”

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