Feeling the burn

June 30, 2009

No, not fire play. Much more dreadful…

I’ve started working out again.

Because of my build, I’m able to carry a little more weight than I ought to and still look ‘OK’. This is both a blessing and a curse since I don’t have the vanity factor to motivate me to stay active or watch what I eat. It also doesn’t help that I’m in a line of work that is all about sedentary behavior. So regular exercise (beyond walking around with heavy books in my arms or taking the stairs while in the stacks instead of the elevator) is just not something I’ve gotten into.

Unfortunately, the combination of getting older and medication has resulted in me packing on a few pounds too many. For the first time in my life, I’m dealing with having an…er, earthier lower body than I’ve ever had. I have mixed feelings about this (Hips–yay! Belly–boo!). I haven’t gotten huge, but the subtle weight gain has made me feel more self-conscious, more body-conscious.

So I’m going through one of my ‘get fit’ phases in which I’ll run on a treadmill at the gym until I lose the additional weight, gradually taper off the workout sessions, then stop going altogether. (Digression: Why can’t they make machines for small people with short limbs? The main reason I use the treadmill is that everything else feels awkward as hell).

It’s kind of pleasurable, actually. I’m trying to take it easy this time around to avoid injury, but I like feeling the soreness of reviving muscles, the feeling of pushing myself a little more each time. The parallel to bottoming seems obvious to me. I suppose every sadist has a little masochist in her (insert cannibalism joke here). I just wish mine hadn’t decided to settle around my thighs.


2 Responses to “Feeling the burn”

  1. Tom Allen Says:

    I’m finding that biking is more enjoyable than running. Also,. I’m getting some good fat-burning cardio workouts by lifting light weights for lots of reps. For example, I’ll hold 20 or 30 lb dumbbells and step onto a weight bench, or do a series of lunges. Definitely less boring than the treadmill.

  2. I like biking too, though I don’t have a real one at the moment. And the ones at the gym are all about an inch or so too tall for me, so they are awkward to use.

    I kind of like the treadmill, though. I listen to dance music and watch one of the TVs in the gym. They are usually tuned to ESPN or CNN. That’s where I found out about Michael Jackson–it was an odd moment.

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