In a cage

June 22, 2009

I like this contraption because of the contrast between the skin and steel. I imagine how it would taste and feel, warm and cold, yielding and unyielding.

It’s not so much about enforcing chastity. There is just something so much better about a cock that is somehow trapped or enclosed. I don’t know what it is, exactly. Maybe I just like he image of flesh straining against restraints (which is why totally enclosed cock cages don’t seem as fun to me as strappy designs).

Or perhaps it is knowing that the wearer is experiencing both intense pain and pleasure? (Though I’ll admit that feeling an erection pushing insistently through a pair of jeans can be just as hot).

Or maybe it’s the knowledge that the wearer is hot and hard for me that is exciting. That I am the locus of his desire and the cause of his suffering. I love tease and denial for the same reason. I love arousing that sort of intense longing, lust, and then twisting it, making him want it so much that his very desire becomes painful.

This duality is what makes play for me, gives it the kind of intensity I crave. Once I hit the boy’s inner thighs with a wooden spoon while going down on him. He didn’t know if he was moaning from the pain or pleasure. I kept him hard and left marks that took days to heal.

If I ever get into a serious relationship, I think I’ll want to explore chastity and chastity devices more. I don’t agree with the ‘femdom’ stance on controlling men by policing their sexuality. If I want to be treated more considerately by my partner, I doubt locking a steel cage on his nether regions would do the trick.

I think of chastity purely in sadistic terms. Simply put: teasing someone mercilessly, then not allowing him to orgasm, then doing it again, and again, and again is a form of torture. Doing that when that person hasn’t been able to come in days or weeks? Even better. You will see  heightened desperation in your bottom, more intense neediness, deeper submission, plentiful begging, and if you do it right, tears.

Sigh. Someday…


3 Responses to “In a cage”

  1. axe Says:

    I haven’t given chastity much thought, but after reading this…..It’s been bumped up my list.


  2. axe Says:

    Oh and I’ll take “In a cage” over “in a jar” any day.

  3. Ahhh, teasing! I love doing that. I love teasing him when we’re in a public place. He’s not one for expressing public displays of affection and it drives him crazy not to reciprocate. The more he hides his embarrassment, the more I want to tease him. It becomes this delicious positive feedback loop and we try any excuse to get some privacy.

    It’s not uncommon to have him tear my clothes off when we manage to stumble into our apartment.

    I love it when my lover begs for me to fuck him. Sometimes his voice gets high and squeaky. Sometimes, it’s a throaty whisper. Either way, I love it. I love being such a strong object of desire for him. It makes me feel outrageously sexy, to know how much he aches for me.

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