May 28, 2009

New trend: Shaved balls.

Excuse me. I cannot stop giggling. “silky smooth balls”, a product called Balla Powder, and those kiwis?

Being who I am, I’m kind of for this trend of objectifying male bodies and pressuring men to pay as much attention to their personal appearance as women do. But I’m also kind of against it since it’s in the service of selling more stuff to more people. Imagine how many more razors and empty cans of shaving cream will end up in landfills.

But all kidding and my crypto-green-marxism aside, I do prefer it when a boy is groomed below the waist. I like completely smooth best (who enjoys eating pubic hair?) but I’ll take neatly trimmed as well.

Which do you prefer, ladies? Full bush, bare or artfully sculpted (landing strip!) hair on men?

5 Responses to “Manscaping”

  1. Tom Allen Says:

    I’ve been trimming and/or shaving since I was 20. I just like it better, and generally my partners have, too.

  2. thotful Says:

    Hi Lodown,

    I love your site and your writing. This subject does stir up all kinds of emotion and excitement for me. Years ago I got into shaving my privates —- it was one of the acts I most craved when seeing a Domme. I had seen waxers before to remove back hair, so I began to intermittently go to waxers to remove the pubic hair so the hair grew back so much more slowly and to thin it out. This grew into more experimentation —- first the abs and then the chest, too. Once I had had the chest waxed, I could not believe how quickly it thinned out and my once hairy chest is now barely hairy at all.

    All of this hair removal does has had a weird psychological effect. It does make me feel so much more submissive and fuels my desire for more edgy play. Along the way of this route, I have played with a couple of Dommes, who took my smooth torso look a step further and shaved my legs, so I was pretty much hairless from the neck down. The head space I slipped into after this was amazing. All kinds of limits seemed no longer seemed fixed and forbidden fantasies seemed so much more in touch. Stripped of all my body hair, I felt so marked, owned and my masculinity redefined. It is a scary feeling, since I connect this look to a gay male image and a Domme wanting to push me this way could have me shivering with both fear and excitement.

    Please excuse the long reply, but I read in one of your earlier posts about wanting to shave a sub from head to to toe and I have a feeling my experience is the kind of effect you’d like to achieve with a sub.

    These days I occasionally get just the torso all waxed, but with summer coming on, I hesitate to shave or wax my legs as shorts are a necessity in the South, where I live. I keep my kinks private from my guy friends and shaved legs would pretty much guarantee comments. On the other hand, I’m just getting read to write a Domme on fetlife who states clearly her dislike for body hair………..A difficult decision could be coming if she insists on totally hairless…..

    Once again, love your blog. You are wonderful!

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  4. thotful Says:

    Hi lodown.

    After again reading this post and also reading your January post with your list of things to do to your sub — and in particular you mention putting the sub in a chastity devise — how do you feel about having him pierced? Perhaps having him pierced with a Prince Albert or a frenum? Is not this a great way to demonstrate ownership of Your Property? Totally shaved — his whole body —- pierced and chastized………..:) What do You think?

  5. It would depend on the sub. My current one has very sensitive nipples so nipple piercings might be the way to go for him (if I wanted to do this). They’d also be useful bondage points.

    But I like the idea of tattooing my sub for demonstrating ownership more than piercings. More permanent.

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