Lod Inverness

May 18, 2009

…would be my NPR name. I had to modify the formula a bit because I have no middle name (in ‘real’ life too). I used a letter from my last name instead. And I’m sure I’ve visited smaller Scottish towns than Inverness, but I can’t remember the names of any of them.

The original formula here.

And yes, I’m a public radio nerd. I listen to Morning Edition everyday (a pleasant way to take in the news while making breakfast and getting ready to go out) and am a fan of Radio Times, Planet Money, This American Life, On the Media, Studio 360, and Radiolab. I sometimes listen to Fresh Air, but Terry Gross’s interview style can be a little too leisurely for me sometimes.

If you have any shows you’d like to recommend, lay ’em on me, please. I’m addicted to the soothing voices and unlikely names, I’ll admit it.


One Response to “Lod Inverness”

  1. Axe Says:

    Ok here goes:

    You look nice today
    The news from lake woebegon
    Backstory- with the American history guys
    The Moth
    It’s all politics
    Onion radio news
    Open source sex
    I want your sex
    Slate daily

    Want more? That’s just the alpha team of my podcast collection.

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