May 13, 2009

How you know you’re at a prissified, East Coast, elitist, epitome-of-the-ivory-tower school:

  • Guys wear pastel-colored pants unselfconsciously and un-ironically
  • A roving gang of preteens on bicycles terrorized the university one summer. The campus police issued e-mail warnings. A grad student was pushed off his bike. The ne’er-do-wells were never brought to justice, alas.
  • Epic grade inflation. Students will have panic attacks over B’s.
  • The frat next door is blasting the soundtrack from Rent: “625,600 minn-utes…” Like, right now. They’re singingin falsetto.

One Response to “Pansies”

  1. axe Says:

    “I cut down trees, I wear high-heels.. suspenders and a bra…”’s not the same song?? Could have fooled me.

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