Tied down and taken

May 6, 2009

We had plenty of time. It was a beautiful day–the first real spring day, warm and sunny and breezy–but I decided to spend it indoors with the boy, taking his ass.

I tied him up for the first time, making simple wrist bindings and then attaching each wrist to the front legs of my bed (no headboard, alas). I was pleased that the hemp rope obviated the need for complicated knots but held him very securely, even when he struggled a bit.

He doesn’t struggle at all, though. Usually he’s already slipped away to sub space by the time I’ve got the rope secured.

I put on a rubber glove (I sort of enjoy the clinical associations of that) and generously lube my fingers, then his asshole. He trembles a bit from the coldness of the lube, the feeling of my rubber-encased fingers gliding over his skin. I slowly push in one finger; he tenses slightly.

“Relax,” I croon as I bury my finger up to the knuckle. I let him get used to the sensation for a few seconds, then start to slowly glide my finger in and out of his ass. After a few minutes, I add a second finger, and then a third. His face is buried in a pillow, but I can still hear him panting.

I vary the in-and-out with gentle, then increasingly firm pressure on his prostate. I stroke it softly, once, twice. He moans, arching his back, straining against the rope.

“Do you like that?”


“How about this?” I twist my fingers slightly, plunge them in deeper.

Incoherent moaning.

“I said, how about this? How does it feel?” I press down firmly on his prostate.

Breathlessly, “good! Good….”

“You like that, don’t you? You like what I’m doing to your ass, don’t you?” I increase the pressure, stroke his ass gently with my other hand.


“Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want me to fuck your ass?”

“Yes! Please!”

I’m a bit wet already, but I lube up the bulb end of the Feeldoe and put it inside me. My new phallus is electric blue, 6 inches long and 3.5 inches in girth. It bobs gently between my thighs as I walk back to the boy. I have to remind myself to keep my thighs closer together to prevent my cock from shifting around too much.

His asshole gets another generous helping of lube, as does my cock. I guide it in with one hand, just the tip, and let him get used to feeling me inside him. Then I slowly, slowly thrust forward, sinking deeper and deeper into his ass, until my pelvis brushes his buttocks. I turn on the bullet vibe and get to work.

At one point I grabbed his hair and forced his head back. “You’re my little bitch, aren’t you? My slut? Say it! Say, ‘I’m your little slut.'” He gasps out the words and I reward him with a particularly deep and hard thrust.

Later, he told me how much he’d loved being tied down and pounded like that, unable to get away from me, unable to stop me from fucking him hard, from riding him until he is sore.

I loved it. It was my first time with a strap-on of any kind. Even though I couldn’t physically feel anything beyond the vibrator, I still enjoyed fucking him, the position, grinding against him, pounding his ass relentlessly, etc. Incidentally, fucking is slightly more complicated than I’d envisioned. One has to mind one’s cock, get into a good groove, not slip out by accident, etc. Not to mention the physical exertion required!

Another reminder that I have to start up with the cardio again.


One Response to “Tied down and taken”

  1. Axe Says:

    Hell that is the hottest thing I’ve read in a long long time.

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