Men’s underwear and the economy

April 9, 2009

….is a phrase I never thought I’d type.

From The Huffington Post:

“‘[Greenspan] once told me that if you think about all the garments in the household, the garment that is most private is the male underpant, because nobody sees it except people in the locker room, but who cares,’ [Robert] Krulwich told NPR. ‘Your children need clothes, your wife needs clothes that have to change, your children grow, you need clothes on the outside. But the last purchase that you don’t have to make is underpants…. [men wear them until they are in] total tatters.‘” (emphasis added)

Oh, good lord. Ew, men, ew.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t mind looking slightly shabby (by which I mean: an occasional missing button, wrinkled clothing, scuffed, well-worn shoes) on the outside as long as my underthings are in good shape. But wearing tattered, grey underpants beneath your bespoke suit? Ugh. Now I have a new grotesquery to imagine when I’m passing business-y guys on the street.


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