First caning

April 1, 2009

I recently got a chance to try out my new Delrin cane and “Liquid Cane” and am pleased to report that both are just as stingy as one would wish and can leave beautiful red stripes all over the bottom.

I warmed the boy up first with my hand (only briefly since my hand is small and I’ve bruised it on his ass before) and a studded leather paddle, using first the smooth side to redden him up a bit before switching to the studded side, then alternating. I would have spent more time on the warm-up if I could’ve. (Generally, the more I warm him up, the more pain he is able to take later.) But he had to leave soon and I was eager to try out the canes on my favorite target.

The Delrin cane was not difficult to control since it is about 1/4 inch and not as whippy as rattan. It’s also easy to grip and feels quite comfortable in the hand. The rubber cane was trickier, being more pliable and bendy, almost like a very small, blunt single-tail. It can also pack a vicious bite without much effort at all. I was leaving slightly raised welts, then ‘crossing’ them, causing him to grunt and growl so loudly in agony that I wondered whether my downstairs neighbors would be able to hear.

I laugh a little when I hear submissives being described as weak or soft. It takes a lot of physical and mental toughness to endure a good beating. The weak avoid pain; the strong embrace it, own it.

I’ve never particularly had an affinity for blood, but I couldn’t help wonder whether I could make him bleed. I restrained myself, of course, but the red stripes looked yummy. If I had had more time, I would have gently licked each one (I like the feel of hot skin on my lips), then caned him again. Perhaps I would have brought out my wire whisk to make things a little more interesting (I got the idea from this thread).

Hmmm….I seem to becoming more sadistic as I explore my dominant side. And the more pain I give him, the closer I feel to him. I experience the same swell of affection when he is laying in my arms after a good thrashing as I do after sex.

This caning was probably the severest beating I’d ever given him (though I still haven’t gone as far as I’d like). When I was done, he was sweating, panting, red-faced (as well as red-assed), barely coherent, and dizzy from the endorphins.


I’m so looking forward to the next time.


One Response to “First caning”

  1. anonyslut Says:


    That all sounds sooo yummy… like my 1st proper caning

    i’m looking forward to the next one…


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