Doing my best to stimulate the economy

March 8, 2009

…though I lack President Obama’s big package.

Whew. What a relief. Granted, it’s not all that original, but that joke has been swirling around in my head for MONTHS! (Also, it still feels good to write the words, “President Obama”).

Despite how crap the economic situation is right now, I’ve been feeling a little flush lately (managed to pay off an old debt) so I bought a few things I’ve had my eye on for awhile.

  • The Feeldoe slim. I got a good deal on this (with free shipping) from Ken’s Twisted Mind. I was deciding between this and The Fun Factory’s Share, but went with the Feeldoe because it has a (bullet) vibrator built in. It’s comfortable to wear and looks pretty damned hot (though Smurf-blue would not have been my first choice in terms of color). I wish the vibrator were a little stronger–it’s more of the work-yourself-up-to-get-off kind than a wham-bang-thank-you-ma’am quickie vibe. But not a big problem at all. And hey, it’s good for you too! Holding it in requires you to work out your PC muscles and really, who doesn’t need a more buff vag? After a few pegging sessions, I expect mine will become a steely vise of pleasure.

  • A beginner’s kit with some lovely black hemp rope and safety shears from Twisted Monk. It seems silly to spend so much money on something you can pick up at any hardware store for cheap, but handling good hemp rope will convince you otherwise.

  • A Delrin cane. I was going to just go with rattan, but there wasn’t a big price difference and Delrin is supposed to be unbreakable.
  • A liquid cane. The ad copy: “The Liquid Cane is an 18″ length of 3/8″ neoprene rubber which will quite happily roll up to fit in almost any pocket. This toy is designed for heavier players. Yes, I know you’ve heard that before, but give it a try and see if you don’t agree … You may be surprised at how little effort it takes to achieve a quite stunning result!” It’s a very sexy little thing and was only about $25. I’ll let you all know how it works out.

I got the liquid cane during a trip to The Leather Man with the boy. It’s a great, no-nonsense (no fuzzy handcuffs or marabou feathers there) kink and fetish store with a really good selection of generally high-quality stock.

Felt like a kid in a candy store, but managed to restrain myself from buying everything. I was glad I went because I was able to check out some gear up-close and put it on my mental wishlist (to look up online for better deals later–I know, I know.).

  • This penitent flogger, which is surprisingly small and very lightweight, but which promised to deliver a lot of pain. I imagine it’s one of those toys that doesn’t seem so bad at first, but gets nastier the longer you use it. Also small enough to tuck into a purse.

  • I was also intrigued by the Josephine Paddle, which is heavy and solid, made of thick, intricately braided leather, and is fairly bendy where the handle meets the ‘head’. That bendiness and the material makes it very thwacky rather than just thuddy. It’s a little hard to express in words, but it’s more smacky or slappy than (comparatively unyielding) wooden or even rubber paddles, but just as heavy.

  • And I really liked the look and feel of this rope flogger. It’s extremely lightweight, has a cool medieval look, and is delightfully scratchy and rough on the skin. Imagine how interesting it’d be to use after working your bottom over with a regular leather or suede whip (though I’m sure I could replicate this item with sisal or something similar if I had the patience or inclination).

I’d originally gone to the store to check out bit gags, which I’ve gotten a kink for recently due to this picture (via Male Submission Art). The boy has an oral fixation and one thing I like to do to tease him is to rub various body parts across his face without letting him open his mouth. I could push this way harder if he were physically unable to do much with his mouth. Plus, he’d have something to bite down on during the hitting part of our playtime.

Of course, I end up dwelling on the impact toys because I couldn’t find a median between the $50 ginormous leather bit gag and the $30 silly plastic thingy shaped like a dog’s bone. It’s kind of bizarre how comfortable I felt marching into that store (which has a collection of enormous, weirdly-shaped dildos and butt plugs in the lower level) and browsing, just like in any other store.

While I had fun checking out all the cool gear and sex toys, I had just as much fun discreetly teasing the boy (who was wearing his cock ring, at my request) and observing him trying to act super-casual when I’d run my hands over a beautiful leather whip, or when I pointed out a latex jockstrap that I thought would look good on him, or when he’d point out a particularly vicious-looking cane or heavy iron shackles to me. The only thing that would’ve made the night better would’ve been getting a chance to test my new purchase right away.

Another time 🙂


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