To get (or lists are an easy way to blog)

February 10, 2009

My first post with pictures, though I’ve just realized that they’re making it very phallocentrific…maybe the title of this post should’ve been “To get…a penis”.

Anyway, here are a few kinky items that are on my shopping list. Plus a few more things I’ve come across recently that I can’t or won’t buy, but nonetheless have caught my interest.

  • Rope. I’ve been meaning to learn rope bondage, especially after watching a few demos on the Twisted Monk website. It appeals to the crafty (I like to knit and crochet), finicky, detail-oriented part of me. Hemp is supposed to be the best kind for bondage and this is a lovely shade of blue that would complement the boy’s eyes nicely. It’s pricey but the boy (I have to come up with a pseudonym for him) and I recently agreed to split the cost, so I think it’ll be manageable.

  • An ice mold. I’ve rubbed ice cubes on the boy’s nipples, asshole, cock, and balls (which tighten up and try to retreat into his body in an incredibly amusing way) and have enjoyed his response so much that I’ve considered using an ice dildo on him. I imagine trailing it all over his body, sticking it in his mouth, fucking him with it, then leaving it to slowly melt in his ass.

  • Spreader bars. These are pretty affordable, have matching cuffs, and come in colors beside the usual red, purple and black.
  • The Aneros. I’ve used my fingers on the boy’s prostate and he usually has a butt plug in while he’s fucking me, so he definitely likes ass play. Plus the idea of vigorous butt-flexing leading to hands-free orgasms intrigues me. Even if it doesn’t work, it’d probably at least make for an amusing web cam performance.

  • The Share dildo. The idea of fucking another person is a big kink for me and this (or the Feeldoe) seems like the closest thing to having a penis. Hm, I wonder if I could get a vibrating cock ring to stay in place on it while I’m pounding away at the boy’s ass?

  • Or a good old-fashioned strap-on. I like this, this and this. They’re cute rather than dominatrix-y and the straps would make my bum look awesome. The Wonder Woman even has a glittery dildo to match (Does it remind anyone else of superballs?).
  • A metal gates of hell. The boy already has a leather version, but I’ve been wanting to put a metal one on him ever since I learned that leaving it on for awhile can leave a man’s penis ribbed (not permanently). The boy didn’t seem thrilled when I told him about this interesting side-effect, but I’m sure I can get him to warm up to the idea.

  • This male chastity device. I like how sleek and streamlined it is, though of course, it’s not meant for beginners. This is one of those toys/links/etc. that the boy will send to me which simultaneously fascinate and scare the shit out of him. Maybe we’ll try sounds one day (especially combined with E-stim).

  • Canes. I’m not into thuddy so much. I have paddles that I use to get the boy’s bottom pink, but that’s mostly for warm-up. They’re not my favorite pain-inflicting things (well, except for my wooden-backed hairbrush, which can be quite vicious).  Caning appeals to me very much (fast, precise, delicate little licks of pain…mmmm), so that’ll likely be my next kink-related purchase.

Now to buy a winning lottery ticket!


4 Responses to “To get (or lists are an easy way to blog)”

  1. Noel Says:

    OMFG I am SO buying the ice mold. Wheeeee!

    BTW, the Spare Parts Joque harness has a very masculine look but is super-comfy.

  2. axe Says:

    I dare you to find a strap-on that would make your bum look less-than awesome.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, Noel. It’s the sportiest-looking strap-on I’ve ever seen 🙂

  4. michael Says:

    strapon are painful but it means you are always in control

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