To do

January 20, 2009

I am a high-testosterone girl. If I’m not on certain meds (like birth control), then I feel…spikier. Low-T and I am calm, mellow and thoughtful. High-T and I am more aggressive, angered more easily, and think about sex constantly. I dream more. My thoughts becomes harder, clearer, brighter. Sometimes I feel like my gaze is a laser, like it would burn someone if I stared at them too long. I’m more sadistic. And I can’t for the life of me sit still. I jiggle my leg more than usual and actually get the urge to go for a really brutal, pounding, sweaty…run (and I hate exercise).

I also become way ambitious and more list-oriented than usual. Here is my latest to do (to him) list:

  • I’m horny these days so: fuck the boy until his balls are dried up and his cock is rubbed raw.
  • Fuck the boy, then make him pull out right before he’s about to climax. Tell him to go clean the bathroom. Laugh at the expression on his face.
  • Milk him. Have him lick my hands clean afterward and thank me.
  • Beat him hard, harder than I’ve ever beaten him before. Until my arm is sore. Damn. Now I’m getting turned on remembering the sounds he made the last time. Mmmm….
  • Buy a cane. Cane him. Take pictures. Rinse, repeat.
  • Boy-on-boy action. Especially because the idea freaks him out and the only reason he’d ever do it was to please me. (I’ll need to find the right third, but I would love to see the boy put his oral skills to use on a real, live cock.)
  • Buy chastity device. Lock him in chastity device. Pretend to lose the key.
  • Zip strip.
  • Figure out how to train him to give me good blow-outs (this will be difficult since I’m not very good at it myself).
  • Shave him. I don’t know why. He already shaves himself south of the equator. Yet I am fantasizing lately about shaving him, face and body, with a nice, sharp razor (the old-fashioned, straight kind). Why does that seem so erotic?
  • Nipples. Sandpaper. Icy Hot.
  • We’ve done some subtle power play in public–having him hold the basket while I’m shopping, walking ten steps behind me, etc. I’d like to do more. Like having him kneel down to tie my shoe. Patting his head and telling him he’s a good boy while out with friends. Go out to dinner. Have him take off his underwear and hand ’em to me when he gets back to the table.
  • Dress him up in something ridiculously skimpy and take him to a play party.
  • Tease him until he cries from frustration. Again.

2 Responses to “To do”

  1. axe Says:

    What? No water-boarding?

  2. Ginger Baker Says:

    The blowouts are easy – combine it with just a wee bit of public service by having him learn from a hairstylist. A number of them will teach you how to do it on yourself, so I’m sure they can teach someone else how to do yours.

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