Tooth and claw

January 9, 2009

I like to bite. There is something more intimate about biting someone than kissing them. When was the last time you bit your friend hello? It’s not something people do in public, not past age six anyway. And my favorite places to bite are sensitive, private: nipples, thighs, buttocks, neck, earlobes, lips.

It’s been pointed out to me that in the animal kingdom, animals bite their prey on the neck to subdue them. Some bite their mates for the same reason. They chase. They pounce. They wrestle. In the end, one submits, humbly baring its neck for the other.

When I bite the boy’s neck, his whole body goes limp quite suddenly. He sags against me, head rolled back, knees swaying. I like to do it when he’s kneeling, his arms around me. It is a wonderfully intimate moment; I sink my teeth into the flesh of his bared throat and suck gently, caressing his hair, feeling him sway. He leans heavily into me. his cock a hard lump against me.

His vulnerability provokes me. His lack of resistance excites me. I suck harder, possessively grab his head with both hands and pull it back by his hair: bite, suck, delight in the swooning, helpless weight of his desire and submission, the smell of his skin, the heat from his painfully erect cock. He is lost, overcome.

I want to take him, use him, consume him. I want to drag him to the ground, pin him down, fuck him harder than he’s ever been fucked. I want to hear him whimper when I sink my nails into his skin, drag them down his chest. I want to  mark him with my nails and teeth and leave my boy raw and wincing and dazed, gazing up at me adoringly.


One Response to “Tooth and claw”

  1. Gman Says:

    “Let’s do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel!”
    I rememeber driving yrs. ago and my son was playing his CD’s, forgot the group or the name of the song, but remember the line that made me hot and laugh.
    Someimes it’s soo good to be our big bad animal mammal selves. Now I’m gong to hibernate ’till it’s spring.

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