Why I’m deleting my Collar Me profile

January 7, 2009

Sparknotes version: People are fucktards. I hate fucktards.

I signed up for Collarme.com not very long ago. At first it was just so I could poke around a little. Then (of course) I put up a profile, ‘just to see.’ Then (of course) I received a staggering number of messages (dominant women, especially younger ones who seem to be attractive and articulate are a rarity on that website…at least that’s what all those nice sub boys kept telling me). Then (of course) I started to actually communicate with certain people. Then (of course), I started to meet people from the website in real life. I’m seeing one of them regularly now.

(Yes, yes, give us some more of that sexy stuff, please.

Wait, let me finish being mad at Collar Me.)

You can also write journal entries that will show up in your profile. I wrote stuff, mostly in reaction to the kind of messages I was receiving (men can be clueless no matter their orientation). I was sarcastic, mean, obnoxious, whatever. A lot of people wrote just to let me know that they enjoyed my comments. A few people wrote just to let me know that they thought I was a liar, a fake, a pig and that they essentially hated my guts. Sprinkle in some racist and misogynist epithets to really bring out the flavor.

Honestly, I don’t have an issue with not being liked. I’m not thick-skinned exactly; I do have the kind of temper that boils up quickly. But it never lasts long and I usually end up shrugging off insults. It helps that when those CM people wrote hate notes to me, they tended 2 RITE LIK THIIISSS!!!!!11

I’d just use the handy ‘block sender’ button if I received a nasty message. Unfortunately, these people have more time and crazy on their hands than I do. They’d just set up multiple new profiles solely in order to destroy me. Or send me more nasty messages. Something like that.

CM also has a ‘report offensive profile’ feature, which freezes you out from editing your profile and journal for 24 hours. I have no idea why–it’s more tiresome than anything else. Anyway, the haters reported me twice in about eight weeks.

Once was because I publicly vented about some clown who had sent me a series of incredibly hateful messages shortly after the election (he was a Republican, and a sore loser, apparently). I did not mention his user name or any identifying details about him, per CM’s rules, but he still decided to punish me for saying mean stuff about him. Still not sure why he cared what I thought of him anyway, since according to him, I am an ugly, lying, cheap crack whore. I would have responded to him directly, but he’d blocked me right after sending me the messages. Brave man.

The second time was–I think…I’m still not sure–because I’d written about financial domination. I’ll probably write an entirely separate blog entry about this later, but I’ll just say here that I had intended the journal entry to air a few questions I had about the practice. I’d been contacted a bunch of times by guys asking me to ‘financially dominate’ them and was completely baffled. And I never got a good response when I flat-out asked them what the hell was their deal. So I wrote the journal entry.

It was fine for about a week. People sent me long, thoughtful messages describing their theories or experiences or whatever. Good, good.

And then a fucking shit storm exploded over my head.

I was naive to think I could write about anything controversial and not have people make wild assumptions about my motives. I mean, why would anyone care at all about some stupid thing some internet stranger put up on some fucking kinky dating website?

Instead, I was roundly cursed out. Someone told me to “get a JOB!!11” and “get a LIIFE!!”

I would have informed this person that I do have a job (sort of) and a life (kind of) and asked whether he had either since he was the one setting up fake profiles in order to flame me. That is, if he hadn’t preemptively blocked me.

Didn’t know ‘slave’ = big pussy.

It is too fucking dramatic and stupid to say that I made enemies on that website, but I’m getting pretty tired of being harassed and bullied, so I’m taking down the whole shebang. This is kind of lame of me, but despite all the loathsome mouth-breathers that haunt CM, it is useful so I’ll probably set up a new account. However, I’ve learned my lesson and will make sure my profile is as bland and inoffensive as possible.

Unintended consequence of that lame little internet drama: I decided to set up a blog.

Hm. I wonder how long it will be before I get a comment here like, “Bow down to ur cock mastr!! U a fuck PIG SLUT WHOR FUCK!!!11 YOUBITCH!”


5 Responses to “Why I’m deleting my Collar Me profile”

  1. And their moderators are at it again! For similar reasons, I removed My cm profile a long time ago.

    It seems that they don’t like you if you’re attractive, intelligent, a real Dominant, support your convictions, and don’t have an event that they’re not a part of because then, you’re spamming…

    Good for you! There are too many time wasters in cyberspace wanting to think they are in The Scene because they can join a so-called Scene site – for free. And they dare to tell those of Us who are actually LIVING the Lifestyle how it’s done…

  2. Thanks! I’m keeping a lower profile with…well with my new collar me profile. Hopefully the mods as well as the nutjobs will leave me alone.

  3. I’d like to invite you to FetLife.com. It’s really quite different than collarme and everyone I’ve spoken to who came from CM says they are so glad they left CM and came over to FetLife.

    I hope you’ll give it a try – I’ll be happy to be your first friend there – http://FetLife.com/CatalinaLoves. You’ll probably find a lot of your old CM friends there, too. In fact, there is a group called Collarme Refugees: http://fetlife.com/groups/4164 šŸ™‚

    See you there,


  4. Actually, I do have a Fetlife profile (LoDown in case anyone is interested), but haven’t been updating it much. I think the Collarme group is funny and I have met someone from there already. Thanks for the suggestion & I’ll be sure to add you as a friend šŸ™‚

  5. I have a neato trick for you — did you know you can link to your FetLife profile just with your nickname rather than the long URL in the browser bar? So your FetLife nickname would be http://FetLife.com/LoDown (mine is http://FetLife.com/CatalinaLoves).

    Anyway I just found you and sent a message and a friend request. You have a really pretty avatar pic on FetLife, by the way. I like it.

    I have one other group to recommend to you – Lifestyle Bloggers Anonymous: http://fetlife.com/groups/35. It’s kind of a neat group.


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