January 2, 2009

I am sitting. He is across my lap, naked, still aroused from all the teasing earlier. I arrange him so that his cock is trapped against my thigh. Every slap drives his hips forward, his erection hot, hard, insistent. I trail my hands over his body, the broad planes of his back, trace a finger delicately down his spine, down the cleft of his ass, dark and humid, down to the sweet spot  between his thighs and just barely graze the back of his balls. He moans, his hips buck eagerly.

“You’re such a little slut,” I smile.  I love his compliance, the trusting way he draped himself over my legs, the way he takes a spanking–usually associated with naughty children–so manfully. I hit harder and faster now, feeling his flesh warm and glowing beneath my hands.  I love hearing the sound my hand makes against his flesh, the way his ass feels. I get lost in a little trance: left, left, left, right, right, left, right, harder, faster, slower, one big slap, a million softer ones. Hitting him like this is a kind of meditation for me. I zen out; the universe contracts to the space surrounding the boy and I. My thoughts and energy concentrate on the now, on what I’m doing to him. I feel loose, lucid, keenly attuned to his reactions.

I pause to run my hands–themselves warm and stinging…they will be bruised the next day–over his body. He relaxes a bit. I hit him again, as hard as I can and he grunts, back arching. Some noise at last.

And I hit him again and his back arches again, his head rises from the pillow. I gather his soft hair into my right fist, hold his head up, back,  as I hit him with my left. He grunts, he writhes, I can see the redness of his skin even in the semi-dark.

I let go of his hair, bend down to lick him and then hit him again. And the other side. And again. Again and again. The blows sting my hand. His erection is still digging into my leg and I am so very wet.  His ass looks wonderful in the moonlight. I can’t resist and bite him, not too softly. (Funny that biting a man seems to come more naturally to me than kissing him.) Whenever I bite the boy’s neck, suck on his skin hard enough to leave bruises, his whole body melts, except for his cock.  He is melting now.  I lift his hips and reach for him, stroke gently. Mine.

The night is just getting started.

4 Responses to “Red”

  1. axe Says:

    This is one of the hottest posts I’ve read in a very long time. I’ll bet it was even hotter experiencing it:)

  2. mia Says:

    Hot. Hot. Hot.

  3. Goose Says:

    That is absolutely delicious!

  4. Gman Says:

    1,2,3,4 always leave them wanting more!
    Love the meditation part.
    Referring to another post you made; if you ever find yourself doubting your skill as a dominant, please read this post YOU wrote. It’s all there. …and I would guess, most all of your readers would have liked to be there as well. 🙂

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